Try the paddle board for an original trip on the Dordogne.

Test paddling with other people on the same board with or new one adapted for 6 persons !

Introduction at the departure.

2h from Gluges to Meyronne.

Must know how to swim !


paddling  paddle


If you want to navigate on the Dordogne,
book your boat now !


paddle renting dordogne

Try the paddle board on the river Dordogne with Copeyre ! We've got a new one with 6 people on the same board !

activities dordogne valley

Copeyre offers plenty of activities to do in the Dordogne Valley : canoe, raft, paddle board etc.

canoe dordogne valley

Enjoy a canoe or raft trip on the river Dordogne with Copeyre ! We rent as well bikes and paddle boards.

belcastel castle

On your way, you will see the nice Belcastle castle.

cheap raft trip on the Dordogne

Copeyre offers the possibility to rent cheap raft and enjoy the Dordogne in a different way.

campsite dordogne

You can enjoy the Dordogne Valley and sleep in various campsites if you like.

bike renting dordogne

We offer bike renting all along the Dordogne river.

visit the dordogne valley

Visit the Dordogne Valley with Copeyre and its activities !

dordogne valley

Welcome to the Dordogne Valley ! Enjoy a canoe trip with Copeyre !

raft river dordogne

Are you looking for a family activity on the river Dordogne ? Renting a raft is the good option !

dordogne river trip

Copeyre would like to offer you the nicest trip on the river Dordogne !

canoe beaulieu

You can start your canoe trip in Beaulieu.

lot trip

Enjoy a trip in the department of Lot with Copeyre !